Vehicle diagnostics

DiagnosticsA warning light appearing on the dashboard of your car is always cause for concern and is often the car’s way of telling you that something may be wrong. However, while lights give some indications about the nature of the problem, the best way to be certain is to use vehicle diagnostics equipment. Here at Foley Auto, we have the latest in vehicle diagnostics technology to be able to find out what exactly is wrong with your car and what we can do to fix it.

The modern computer has an Engine Control Unit or ECU and this connects with the diagnostics tool to talk to each other and see what the problem is. The ECU uses a series of codes that the tool uses to find the issue and then our mechanics can use to repair or replace whatever caused the error. This system is speedier than older ideas as there is no time wasted looking for the problem – the car itself tells the mechanic what the issue is.

With over 40 years’ experience as car mechanics, we can combine the experience with the best modern technology to diagnose problems with your vehicle quickly and efficiently and get a quote for the work required.

Prevent damage to your car

Has the performance and fuel economy of your car deteriorated? The professionals at Foley Auto Services give you complete engine diagnostics services that detect faults quickly and efficiently.

Car diagnostics help identify problems at an early stage so that future breakdowns can be prevented.

Our diagnostics services

  • Computer diagnostics
  • Engine checks
  • Checking belts
  • Inspecting hoses
  • Fluid inspection
  • And more

Foley Auto Services also provides brake and clutch repair services throughout Hereford.


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