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brakesTwo of the most important systems on any car are the brake and the clutch. Problems with either of these systems can put a car off the road until they are sorted so fixing them is something to be done as quick as possible. Here at Foley Auto, we offer brake and clutch repairs as well as servicing to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

Checking the brake and clutch is a part of most servicing but it can be worth having them checked independently if there is any sign of wear or any hint that they aren’t functioning properly. Signs of a brake problem include grinding noises which indicate brake pads are thinning while a sense of pulling to one side or another when you brake can indicate brakes aren’t working property.

With the clutch, you can spot potential problems when your engine changes without you accelerating or if there is any kind of hesitation when you do accelerate. This means the clutch isn’t working properly and might need servicing or replacing. Other signs can include the pedal being at a different height to normal and a change in engine power for no reason when carrying a load. Whatever the possible signs, it is worth having the clutch and brakes checked as soon as possible to avoid a serious breakdown.

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